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Physical therapy is one of the services we offer to help alleviate your pain. Physical therapy is a specialized healthcare option, as it is specific for each individual. During your initial visit, Dr. Whitlock will evaluate your symptoms and past health history, posture, range of motion, nerves, and spinal alignment. All of these findings together will allow us to focus on the CAUSE of your symptoms, and from there, develop a treatment plan that is designed just for you.

Physical therapy treatment options, designed specifically for you, may include:

1. Electrical Muscle Stimulation – This is an option used to relax tight muscles and help decrease pain levels. Small adhesive electrodes will be placed on your skin in the area of pain. Where the electrodes are placed, a small current will be felt, helping to calm the muscles. Most patients state this type of stimulation feels like a “good massage.”

Electrical muscle stimulation is a great option to alleviate muscle pain and spasm, but it also is available for in-home use. The in-home device is called a TENS Unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), and is a portable form of electrical muscle stimulation that you can use throughout the day, whether it be at home or at your workplace. At SpineCARE Therapy, we would be happy to see if this option is right for you.

2. Stretching Exercises – This option is designed to improve flexibility and mobility as well as decrease muscle tension and tightness. Stretches can be prescribed for specific areas, such as neck, mid-back, low back, hips, and/or legs.

3. Exercise Program – This option will incorporate exercises that are specific for you and your symptoms, designed to strengthen the area of concern – whether that be your neck, mid-back or low back. Over time, these exercises promote long-term stabilization and prevent future problems and/or injuries.

These exercises are also taught with the ultimate goal of allowing you to learn the proper exercise, form, and technique that will continue improving your overall health. With this, at the end of your treatment plan, you should feel confident, competent, and comfortable with performing the same exercises in your home or at the gym. Ultimately, this allows you to take charge of your health and wellness!

4. Posture/Body Mechanics/Ergonomics – This option is designed to teach you activities of daily living. It may be surprising to know that the way you sit at work can be actually hurting you and increasing your pain level. What about the way you get in and out of your car? In and out of bed? All of these daily tasks can affect the stability of your spine. During your visits, we will be discussing basic daily tasks that may be causing subtle wear and tear on your spine. We want to empower you to move the RIGHT way!

Upon completion of your rehabilitative treatment, you will then feel both competent and confident to perform at your very best. Our goal is to empower you take charge of your health and the health of your spine.