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Kids AND Chiropractic Care? Is it really necessary?

A child’s nervous system (their spine) is the most important system in the body. It controls everything! From their temperature/height to their brain development, their nervous system is the directing force behind it all.

Throughout their development, children undergo many repeated activities which can misalign their spine. The process of childbirth, normal childhood mishaps, falls, accidents, and sports activities can all negatively impact their nervous system. These activities can contribute to spinal misalignment, meaning that their spine is not moving properly. Research states that motion feeds the brain, so doesn’t it make sense to make sure your child’s spine is moving properly? And, knowing how important the nervous system is, wouldn’t you want your child’s nervous system checked by a specialist (pediatric chiropractor) as soon as possible?

At SpineCARE Therapy, our goal is to help your child move and function at their very best! Feel free to call our office anytime to discuss the benefits of chiropractic care for your child.

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